Burden Of Light

by Oh Halo

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Stretching the sound and feel of singer songwriter style until it becomes a kind of ambient music, Oh Halo creates a startling take on art rock and indie pop on BURDEN OF LIGHT. An air of spontaneous creation permeates the songs, with the music and singing coming out of a series of jams between Julie Dicterow, Marcy Hokama and Charlie Nieland. The tracks were subjected to gentle revisions and Eno like treatments to create a series of colorful landscapes, almost disorienting yet uplifting and very human. Solid thick beats blend with timeless keyboard textures and melodic bass lines to create brilliant settings for Julie to weave her melodies and dark poetry. Oh Halo brings a luminous blend of styles that feels at once classic and very modern with BURDEN OF LIGHT.


released April 4, 2016

Oh Halo


Music by Oh Halo
Lyrics by Julie Dicterow
Birdheart, Athame Music ASCAP

Julie Dicterow: Vocals, Boss VE-20 Vocal Processor, Yamaha Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Roland Lucina AX-09 Synth, Korg MS 20 Synth, Logic V2 Synth, Sylenth Synth, MTron Piano & Flute, Percussion

Marcy Hokama: Yamaha Grand Piano, Glockenspiel, MTron Violins, Brass, French Horn & Vibes, Miroslav Philharmonik Piano, Soniccouture Xtended Piano, Logic EVP-88 Electric Piano

Charlie Nieland: Rickenbacker 4003 Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Vantage Fretless Bass, NS NXT Upright Electric Bass, Hagstrom Swede Electric Guitar picked and bowed, Joe Morrell Pro Lap Steel Guitar, Roland GR-33 Guitar Synth, Drums, Percussion

Produced by Oh Halo
Recorded and Mixed by Charlie Nieland
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian

Photo by Julie Dicterow
Design Layout by TL Reid
Original Typography by Marcy Hokama

© 2016 Miles of Moonlight Records



all rights reserved


Oh Halo New York, New York

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Track Name: Far To Fall

We will be born again
With new eyes pointing to the earth

Not that far to fall

We want this chance again
Surround ourselves with those that take our hand

Not that hard to call

I wonder where you are when you’re looking at me
You’re up in the clouds and I’m caught in a tree
I wonder where you are when you’re looking at me
I’m up in the clouds and you’re stuck in a tree
And I need you and you need me
I need you and you need me
I need you and you need me
With new eyes we can see

That it’s not far to fall

We will be born again
With new eyes pointing to the earth
Not that far to fall
Track Name: Bring Down Waterfall
Bring Down Waterfall

Water in rows form a white wall of a wave we’re bringing down
Feeling out the beat we’ll want to take a sweep of it once
How can you awake the one that got laid out? bum ba da dum dum
How do you unwhirl and welcome to the world? bum ba da dum
It’s all a wave
All a wave

Water is the bait, our tears sophisticate and unwiped
I could claw along feeling out the waves I find
I don’t want a God who anticipates the way. bum ba da dum dum
I don’t need to know where I’m going or why

oh, wait this once
oh, wait this once
our hearts are syncopating with waterfalls  
go on believing just as you did before
go now

Hooked on all the pills they’re giving out
To make a common ground and work us out
They won’t give us the room to move around and around and around
How can you plate a bitter taste like that?    bum ba da dum dum
How we gonna prove that we know?     bum ba da dum dum

oh, wait this once
have you any bliss?
our hearts are ringing in tones
what God hears, nobody knows

(RUN RUN on your way .... run run on the road)


Track Name: Blue Bell

Breathe out
A habit in and out and a game that never folds
I never went about to try and breathe
I didn’t have to

Breathe out
See a way to the holy vow
Imagining the haze washed
It could get up and take a walk

blue… bell

I pour out
I hear it every time it calls my name
I hear all those dreams in those netted wings
Withering rids the doubt
That you’re hiding in me
And we’re tumbling ..

I know I won’t be without
The fight and the right to this place
To settle ties and enemies
Give it all to the ways of peace
But don’t hide yourself

Track Name: Stars

That glow, the way it began
And how i’m going to believe
I have all those things
Those things

That glow
A drop in the hole
We all find a way to grab some more
Helps us all to step into the trust, the trust
We’re not gonna fall behind

mmm mmm

It must be what
Makes it worth the run
It’s gotta get old
It’s gotta get up and on

Where light shines
Into the grime
And into the storm when everyone is running

Stars are all abound
Burning holes in the night
I just wanted to know
How to be one

The way they move through infinite room
Every body burns and everyone’s got the blues
How would it grow if it kept going, going, going back for more?

Hold on, let it take me on at midnight along the intimate heavens
‘till dawn begins the machine that heeds and breathes

Stars are all in you
The crown belongs to you
Until you rise
And high
Track Name: Dream Without Birds
Dream Without Birds

Been water, somebody wanted and wrung
Been little, somebody run, run

While it was slipping away
and with it heart & bones..
alone left to tumble down and tumble around

How? in the shadow halos get brighter with time?
How? in the carnival is a human bell?
Or in a valley of dolls is a garden?

Out of water
dried eyes now, but getting tired
Everybody knows
it’s a trouble just to find courage to know, oh oh oh
How you gonna give it enough when it’s gonna grow?  oh oh oh
How you gonna live with yourself if you don’t give it a go? oh oh oh
Just find yourself in the middle of the road

oh no ... the ride!!!!!!
oh no... we’re gonna decorate in a dip in the sun
oooh no, oh you cover me
with the love and a dip in the sun
oh cover me and I will see the dream personified

We’re coming home!!
We rarely make the move to go home … home
We’ll never make it through the maze if we take it alone
We’re never gonna see it through until we take the long way out

A heart is a gift of grace
but won’t open alone
It wants to live in this place
like trees want to grow from stones
The only place to be is where the beat is pulsing strong
The only way to be is a rotating piece of home … home

It’s a dream it’s a dream
It’s a stolen dream
It’s a dream come alive
It’s a dream it’s a dream
It’s a woven dream
It’s a dream come alive

It’s a dream it’s a dream
It’s a stolen dream
It’s a dream come alive

It’s a dream it’s a dream
It’s a woven dream
It’s a dream come alive

It’s a dream it’s a dream it’s a dream
It’s a chosen dream come alive
It’s a dream it’s a dream it’s a dream
It’s a woken dream come alive

Wanted dream
Track Name: Guardian

He goes on from you
A one way ticket to ride
I had to know why the high, the low?
When everything you do, like the sun and the moon,
It’s you…
It’s you.

When I have the time running on
I lead with a sigh, rise, bend 
You had me there at hello, hello.
I know...you take me there everywhere, everywhere, everywhere

If we had to take a dive
we’d get wet everywhere that we rode, we rode
If we ever caught the waves
we’d take it on the search and define the “why”
Take it on a ride
Like a tether to the road

Hold me Guardian
Lift me up
Hold me Guardian
I’ll hold you down and out
You guard me there like the sun and the moon... it’s you

We go by the book
But we never take a look at what it is we do
We can have all the time but we’re running out of ways to be here with you
Well, I’ll get old
(but) can’t fade out of the source of love

Fade out
You’re on your own
(but) you’re not alone

You’re not alone
Track Name: Turn Me Around
Turn me Around

you like a constant swimmer
hide the wave in the lung

you like a distant runner
ride wide and wait, pace

holding on, my pain
grow the watered dream bigger for me

hide while I turn around
turn me around

hung the wave….
you wait for me

holding on
like a diver

hold it all .. oooh ohhhh